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Angel & Bible Magick Masterclass

Angel & Bible Magick Masterclass



Angel & Bible Magick Masterclass on June 22nd

Join us for a deep dive into Bible Magic and Angel invocation on June 22nd. This masterclass is suitable for both Christians and spiritualists, unveiling the mystical and powerful aspects of the Bible and angelic communication.

What You Will Discover:

Bible Magic: Learn how the Bible serves as its own grimoire of magic, containing rituals and spellwork delivered to humans by divine guidance.

Angel Invocation: Understand how angels are assigned to work with you throughout your life and discover methods to communicate with them effectively.

Who Should Attend?

Christians: Deepen your understanding of the Bible’s magical aspects and connect with divine guidance in a new way.

Spiritualists: Expand your spiritual practice by incorporating ancient biblical rituals and angelic invocations.

Key Highlights:

In-Depth Teachings: Explore the hidden magical rituals and spells within the Bible.

Angel Communication: Learn how to invoke and communicate with angels assigned to guide and protect you.

Practical Applications: Gain practical knowledge on integrating Bible Magic and Angel invocation into your daily life.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Bible Magic and Angel invocation. Embrace the opportunity to enrich your spiritual journey with ancient wisdom and divine connection.

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