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Madam Marie Laveau's Feast Blessings Ritual

Madam Marie Laveau's Feast Blessings Ritual


Join us on June 23rd for a unique and heartfelt event honoring Madam Marie Laveau, the renowned Vodou Queen of the 1800s from New Orleans. As a powerful priestess and compassionate benefactor, Marie Laveau dedicated her life to helping others, especially the less fortunate. Her mastery in magic and manifestation knows no bounds, and she continues to offer her benevolent guidance from the spirit realm.

This ritual is a special two-fold ceremony. The first part involves making an offering, which you can personalize according to your wishes. Remember, the greater the offering, the more significant the blessings. Your cash offerings will be lovingly washed, blessed, and anointed before being donated to those in need, in the name and honor of Madam Marie.

Don't miss this once-a-year opportunity to connect with a powerful Ancestral Folk Ally. Join us on June 23rd to experience the profound influence of Madam Marie Laveau.

The second part of the ritual is a blessing ceremony where we will petition Madam Marie on your behalf for blessings. As a powerful manifester, she can aid in all aspects of life without limitation.

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