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Major Money Block Removal Ritual

Major Money Block Removal Ritual


Unlock Financial Abundance: Major Money Block Removal Ritual for the Lion's Gate Portal

Prepare for the transformative energies of the Lion's Gate Portal on June 29th with our exclusive Major Money Block Removal Ritual. This unique and powerful ritual is designed to eliminate financial blockages, allowing the flow of wealth and prosperity into your life.

How It Works:

1. Select Your Denomination: Choose a denomination of money—$10, $20, $50, or $100. The higher the denomination, the greater the blessings you will receive.

2. Personalize Your Money: Write your full name and date of birth on the face of the bill. This personalization aligns the energy of the ritual with your financial intentions.

3. Mail Your Money: Carefully conceal your money in an envelope to ensure it is safely mailed. Include your shipping address so the blessed money can be returned to you. All monies must be delivered by June 26th.

4. Purification and Blessing: Your money will undergo a sacred purification process to remove any financial blocks. It will then be blessed and returned to you.

5. 22-Day Holding Period: Upon receiving your blessed money, do not spend it for 22 days. This period allows the blessings to solidify and enhance your financial flow.

Why Participate?

Remove Financial Blocks: Clear any hindrances that prevent your money from flowing freely.

Amplify Prosperity: Experience increased blessings with higher denominations.

Prepare for Future Rituals: Optimize your financial energy for upcoming Lion's Gate Portal rituals and other money workings.

Important Reminders:

• Be cautious in concealing your money during mailing.

• Ensure your money is delivered by June 26th.

• Include your shipping address for the return of your blessed money.

Join us in this sacred ritual and open the gates to financial abundance. Let the Lion's Gate Portal bring prosperity and wealth into your life.

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