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SPECIAL EDITION May Rain Spiritual Elixir

SPECIAL EDITION May Rain Spiritual Elixir


Introducing our special edition May Rain Spiritual Water! Inspired by the traditional Hoodoo Florida water recipe, this blend combines the refreshing citrus notes of sweet orange, grapefruit, and lime with the cleansing power of pine, thyme, and rosemary. Enhanced with the sweetening touch of rose and lavender, and the spicy warmth of clove, star anise, and cinnamon. Infused with the energetic healing and rejuvenating properties of the first rain water of May. Purify, refresh, and uplift your spirit with each spritz of this divine elixir.

Infused with spiritual properties to enhance your workings, each phase of the moon holds transformative energy. Available only in May, this special edition product is a limited-time offering. Secure your elixir now through pre-order, with pricing inclusive of shipping. Don't miss out—once sold out, it won't return until next May.

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