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Lion's Gate Portal 2023

A time when energies are SUPERCHARGED.


A Time to CREATE.

The lion's gate portal opens every year on July 28th and will stay open until August12th, when the sun in Leo, the star Sirius, Orion's Belt, and the Earth come into alignment. This creates a powerful portal of energy, which is potent for manifesting.

We have 7 days until the doorways of the Universe opens to abundance, prosperity and wealth. Join us in harnessing the life changing power of the Lion's Gate Portal.

July 28th begins the 14 day Mega Ritual package. A daily ritual that will keep your energy continously in the doorways of the Lion's Gate the entire duration. Bring untold opportunities and blessings. Cost $488.88 or roughly $35/per ritual

Or join us August 8th for the main event for $188.88. When this doorway to wealth is at it widest and most potent.

Either way, you don't want to miss out on the life changing blessings this energy promises to impart

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