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Manifestation/Intention Oils

To this day, anointing and ritual oils are one of my favorite things to make and buy. I use them as body oils, perfumes, and dab drops of oil around my office and room. Gorgeous smelling oils make all of your magic more potent.

Most people likely associate anointing oils with religious traditions — namely Christian religions. Various Christian lineages have used anointing oils on priests and other religious leaders to set them apart as sacred from the rest of the population. Other folk magic traditions like Hoodoo use conjure and "conditioning" oils, which consist of carrier oils, essential oils, herbs, stones, and other elements like gold and silver.

Conjure oils also called ritual oils or magic oils are usually prepared by Hoodoo practitioners using specific recipes passed down throughout generations.

Ritual and magic oils are sacred oils that are blessed and energetically charged using intention, plants, crystals, and the moon cycles to create massive magic. All magic oils strengthen your intention and work to "supercharge" the spell or ritual. 

For instance -- rub some oil on a candle and that candle magic will become even more powerful.

Add some powerful ritual oil to the petals of a flower during ritual and the essence of that flower is magnified. Anoint yourself or others during a spell or ritual and your intentions go to the next level.

Anointing oil holds all the energies of the oils, plants, roots, and stones it contains. The ingredients are what hold the oil’s intent, which is why there are different oil recipes for love, money, clarity, psychic connections, and so much more.

You could also refer to the energy of the ingredients as the soul or spirit of the plants, stones, and essential oils. And these spirits help you to tap into your specific intentions.

That’s also why it’s important to use all essential oils, herbs, flowers, and stones with the utmost respect for the spirits involved. Think of your ritual oil ingredients as gifts from Mother Earth. This kind of gratitude does wonders for manifestation and magic.

Still — YOUR intention is going to be the strongest ingredient in your ritual oil.


  1. Get clear on your intention. For instance, if it’s romance you crave, think of exactly what you want from your relationship and how it will feel to have that. If it’s more money, conjure the feeling of being wealthy … what does that feel like to you?

  2. Hold your ritual oil between your hands in front of you. Close your eyes, picturing your intent.

  3. I like to meditate for a few minutes and visualize my intent as a glowing golden or white light flowing into the bottle.

  4. Continue with your visualization for 1-5 minutes. Or stop whenever you feel like it.

  5. Your oil is now charged with your intention.

You can also charge your oil with Full Moon or New Moon energy. Simply leave the bottle under the moon’s light — in a window sill or outside.

Moon energy is incredibly potent, creative, feminine, and fertile — perfect for manifestation.

Knowing that you could use your oil on anything that needs a touch of magic (assuming the oil won’t damage it).

You can anoint (dab a touch of oil onto):

  • Candles (don’t get oil on the wick)

  • Crystals and other stones

  • Altar tools like vases, bowls, or incense burners

  • Jewelry and other talismans

  • Photos of your intention or vision boards

You can also dab a bit of oil on your wrists and neck before ritual or your morning meditation.

If you have any other questions that wasn't covered in the information above. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at Ori Alchemy for assistance.

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