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Prosperity Rice

Prosperity Rice

Rice represents a good life and abundance, it is a powerful symbol of prosperity & fertility. This rice is traditionally used as a floor sweep to increase business or personal financial gain. It is a powerful magical item to help manifest that money into your life! It's a great addition to spell jars, money-drawing workings, spells or rituals, or just to carry on you!

*Carry in your wallet, purse or sprinkle in a cash drawer, to attract more money.

*Sprinkle in the corners of your home or business, and/or under doormats to attract prosperity.

*Place on your altar to enhance your workings

*If you want good news or if you are expecting money through the mail place some in your mailbox.

*Put in sachets or mojo bags

*Works on any financial situation, use for promotions, raises, or employment in general

*Use to break bad luck in money matters

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