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Set The Intention...Law Of Attraction

Setting intentions is like the planting of the seed in manifestation. It's the first step in using your personal power to create the life you want. When you set powerful intentions you are allowing the Law of Attraction to work it's magic!

Our Law of Attraction Manifestation Oil is intended to strengthen and amplify your personal intentions. Our oils like every product that we offer is a tools to in your arsenal, whenever you need that extra helping hand with your manifestations.

You can set your intentions by writing them down on paper (personally my favorite because I can go back to them later and see what I have accomplished so far) or by verbally saying them for the universe to hear you loud and clear. Whichever way you choose to set your intentions is totally up to you and your liking, no way is better than the other but, there are a few musts to creating truly powerful intentions!


  1. Be very clear and specific- the universe will always work to give you what you set out to get. Try and get in every detail of the things, people, places, experiences, and feelings which you want to manifest.

  2. Don't sell yourself short- no desire is too big or out of reach, the universe is infinitely abundant and is always eager to give. Don't be afraid to dream big, you are worthy!

  3. Refrain from the negative- avoid using "can't" "won't" "don't". 

  4. THE NOW- write or speak as if it is happening now. The universe gives you exactly what you ask for, so when you word your intentions in the future tense, your intentions will always be in the future, or when you "want want want" the universe will keep you "wanting", not on the receiving end. A few example are: "I HAVE more than enough money to meet my needs and more." "I AM abundantly successful in everything I dedicate myself to." "I AM deserving of love and happiness" 

  5. Let it go- after setting your intention, its important to release it to the universe and let it work it's magic.

Set your intention with the full assurance that what you send out...the universe will return.

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Kareca Moore
Kareca Moore
Dec 01, 2020

@ldheath1225 is really is all about pouring your heart into the item and act. I think of it as a deep and sincere prayer. Once I know what I want...I speak it and pour my energy into it. Then set it free and expect and await its return.


Unknown member
Dec 01, 2020

This was right on time Ms. Moore, I still wrestling with if I am manifesting the write way.

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