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Starring Star Anise✨️

Star anise is an herb that’s great for psychic ability, increasing psychic awareness, and increasing luck! In some cultures, it is believed that star anise can bring good luck. For example, in some Asian cultures, it is often used in traditional customs and rituals to promote prosperity and well-being. In feng shui, the practice of arranging objects and spaces to create harmonious energy, star anise is sometimes placed in the home to attract good luck and positive energy. It is widely used throughout magical practices to:

• Prevents nightmares

• promotes restful sleep

• Love Spells

• To promote successful manifestation

• Luck magnet

• Negative energy cleansing

• Amplify psychic ability

Here is a quick money spell that you can perform starring STAR ANISE.

Attract Money

You’ll need the following ingredients: a green ritual candle, something you can use to engrave your candle, water, a bowl, and seven-star anise seeds.

Step One: Engrave three words into your green candle: Chrimata, Dirua, Maritupe.

Step Two: Pour your water into your bowl.

Step Three: Light your green candle.

Step Four: Throw your anise seeds into the water one at a time. Each time you do, recite these magic words: “Saau ia ia te au chrimata. Sau ia ia te au dirua. Sau ia ia te au maritupe. By the virtue of this seed, I will prosper. Para chrimata. Para dirua. Para maritupe. A little richer, I shall be. Yes, I do. Yes, I will be a little richer”.

Step Five: Let the candle melt entirely and leave the anise seeds in your water.

Step Six: After seven days, take the anise seeds out of the water and carry them around in your wallet.

Happy Manifesting ✨️

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