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Why the Summer Solstice is an important time for you.

If you have been feeling a bit "off" or "strange" recently, here is the energetic reason why!

Globally, things are spinning faster and faster... but they are not out of control! In fact, quite the opposite!

If you haven't seen it yet, The Schumann Resonances (global electromagnetic resonances) reached unprecedented levels this weekend. The visual representation took at a measuring station in Siberia showed resembled sacred geometry and DNA helices.

We also have another powerful Solstice coming up in just 48 hours!

We are entering our Ascension Arc, where things really begin to move and accelerate in a noticeable way: both globally and individually.

As a conscious individual, you may notice anything not in alignment being purged from your field - often slowly, but sometimes quite abruptly: emotions, pain, situations, people, relationship, possessions, attachments.

But the good news is, you don't have to be the passenger in this process.

You get to be the co-creator of reality: both your own, personal reality - and our joint, human, global landscape.

Your mastery of your own frequency will determine the outcome. Once you take the energetic reigns to your life, you will get to steer it in the way you want, regardless of global timelines and bigger forces at play!

Join us June 21st for the New You Summer Solstice Ritual. As the Sun ascends to its highest peak. Harness all the activations to reach the highest version of you. We are working from the inside out to make over your mind, thoughts, hearts and physical body.

Don't let this powerful time and powerful activations pass you by.

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