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The Trust (MONTHLY ritual group)

The Trust (MONTHLY ritual group)


Join THE TRUST: A Monthly Spiritual Group

Do you trust me to work with your energy? Welcome to THE TRUST, a unique and intimate spiritual group where you become part of my inner circle and participate in my personal energy workings.


As a member of THE TRUST, you will:

Be Part of My Inner Circle: Gain exclusive access to my personal spiritual practices and energy workings.

Benefit from Regular Workings: Whether weekly or daily, I am constantly channeling energy. As I perform these workings for myself, I will also extend them to you, enhancing your spiritual journey.

Trust the Process: Understand that the workings are guided by Spirit and occur when and how I am spiritually inspired. You must place your trust in me and, more importantly, in Spirit to provide you with what you need.

Membership Details:

Support and Reap the Benefits: By supporting THE TRUST with your monthly exchange, you align yourself with the collective energy of the group, receiving dividends and benefits that are spiritually tailored to you.

Timely Membership Fees: All fees must be paid no later than the 5th of each month to continue in the group and ensure uninterrupted access to all the benefits of THE TRUST.

Join THE TRUST today, place your faith in the power of Spirit, and open yourself to a world of spiritual growth and abundance. Together, we will harness and amplify our energies for the highest good.

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